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^This is not what a Laz looks like^
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((Cisco Vasquez continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))

Hungry, check.

Tired, check.

Probably infected with something, check.

Paranoid, double check. Or was that uncheck. Justified paranoia was about as much an oxymoron as a pair of words could get.

"Then, Joe Rios exploded onto the charts, using a scythe to rip and reap Mike Maszer and Alan Rickhall."

There was absolutely nothing in Mister Danya's typically blunt wording of his daily announcements of who died at whose hand that did anything at all for a former second-string goalie that feared being reaped by the visual manifestation of the Grim Reaper. That such a manifestation actually got rid of his once-arch-nemesis quite violently only meant that he could now focus his attention solely on evading Death for as long as his body would carry, as compared to having to worry about more than one entity or manifestation after his immortal soul.

It had especially gotten to the point where this traditionally nihilistic second-string goalie now actually believed there was such a thing as a soul, let alone something he would guard with the pathetically-disguised weapon he lovingly referred to as his "sweet music." But that tended to happen to folks already three times delusional even before fatigue.

His walk was already starting to stagger, a grim pallor had begun to set in on his face.

But Cisco Vasquez at least tried to look like he wanted to keep going even after there was no "soul" left to keep him going, as he staggered toward the ranger station from up in the mountains. The only thing that gave him any direction were the others leaving what was apparently now a dangerzone.

It was ironic how he believed he needed company so badly to keep himself from running into a shapeshifter.

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