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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Felicia Carmichael, continued from The man your man could smell like))

"... Rosa."

Felicia was damn near out of air from chasing the girl she loved through the streets, but finally she had stopped running. Unfortunately, now she was crying. The next action, the correct thing to do escaped Felicia's mind like a bird out if its cage, but despite all of her efforts to contain it, it remained elusive. She couldn't even pinpoint why Rosa had hit the ground sobbing beyond any of the terribly obvious reasons. This island was practically made of tears by this point, but why stop to cry now? Felicia could hardly take it anymore as she silently watched the girl from behind. All Rosa had to do was turn around and she'd see her standing there, ready to comfort her. Maybe if she said something, it would take away the fear. It would take away all the reasons Felicia couldn't just embrace her now.

The announcements had gone off. Like usual, Felicia did her best to not pay any attention to them. She couldn't concern herself with much more of this lest her heart burst in her chest. No, she learned all she needed to from Aislyn's death; she learned who she had to find, but this was far more important. She had found Rosa, so maybe now she could forget Kimberly. Somebody else would kill Kimberly, take all of this off Felicia's mind. She just wanted to be with Rosa.

She couldn't help but wonder if she heard right, though. She almost thought she heard 'Fiametta' on the announcements.

"R-Rosa..." Felicia stammered, pushing past the wall of glass to the crying girl. There was a loud crashing sound, thunder or something, somewhere, and her heart nearly lept out of her throat. She couldn't back off, though. She wouldn't allow herself to hesitate, to keep herself from Rosa anymore. She was right there. Rosa was right there.

"I... I f-finally, I mean..." Felicia tried, but nothing sounded right. Instead, she dropped to one knee and wrapped her arms around Rosa nice and tight. She didn't want to let go just yet. Not after finally reaching her.
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