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[[OOC: Permission to skip Dete, granted. Also...post 500? Fuck yeah.]]

Everything was beautiful and nothi okay no, she wasn't going to say that or think it anyway because first of all every time she did something bad happened, and second of all her best friend continued being dead, and that fact continued to skitter around her brain, begging for attention, trying its hardest to make her stop with this whole happiness thing. You can't be happy, it said. How can you possibly be happy? Jay's awesome and everything but he isn't Maddy and he's never going to be. It's not an equivalent exchange. Maddy's gone. Maddy's gone! How are you just letting that go?! But Jay's enthusiasm was contagious, and for now Hayley let the little voice be.

He was so adorable, though. Like, since when was Jay Holland adorable? Not the first adjective that came to mind when she thought about him, but he was jumping around like a particularly playful puppy ooh, look, alliteration. He practically tackled the other girl, what was her name, dammit, she knew her name deep down, somewhere-

"Janet, Jesus Christ, can you believe our luck!?"

Okay. Right. Janet. Yeah. Yeah, she knew that, sort of. She'd spent most of that night in a state of not-giving-a-fuck drunken stonedness (I'm making that a word, dammit) so the memories were kind of...fuzzy. That'd been a good party, Alex was always good for a night out, not to mention Jay, and she'd gotten Kyle to come somehow, Kyle didn't do parties, Kyle was stop right there, yeah?

Jay's grin perfectly mirrored her own. Much as her brain was trying to betray her- this was a good moment. This was a fantastic moment, actually. She hadn't been this ha- scratch that, she hadn't been this happy sober in quite a while, and at this point every happy moment could really be the last. But she wasn't going to think about that, either.

"First off, it's been fantastic! We've been chillin', we've been having the time of our lives!"

Somehow Hayley figured he was exaggerating. Just a bit. You're having the time of your life on Survival of the Fittest, your life has been crap. Unless he had weed....DOES HE HAVE WEED. I WILL SCREAM HOLY SHIT no okay Hayley relax be good and be cool and stuff yeah. How long had he been with Janet, anyway? Hadn't she...she had a vague memory of that name. The bad luck name, Janet. There were three of them. Two dead. One killer.

No points for guessing which one she is. Her smile faded just a tad, but honestly, could she really judge killers at this point? Hayley was quite positive she'd done worse. Janet was no Maxwell Lombardi.

"And you know what else?! I LOVE bein' not dead! That's amazing! It's just one more thing we've got in common y'know!?"

Oh god, he is sooooo dumb. But sooooo entertaining.


Someone hasn't smoked in a while. Her grin returned full force as the boy embraced her, giving her the time-honored, traditional, patented man hug which she returned with just as much no wait that would be physically impossible, but almost as much enthusiasm, anyway. The thing was...Jay wasn't afraid of her. Anyone on the island now would see Hayley fucking Kelly, she who has killed five people so far, she who was obviously and totally a player, and run screaming in the opposite direction, or at least send some hot lead spinning towards her skull. But not Jay, and Jay's a fucking pussy, so if he's not running he must really trust me.

That was nice. It was nice, not being confronted or feared for once. She'd have to keep an eye on Janet- she didn't know her well enough to be sure she wouldn't try anything, but Hayley couldn't kill her, for Jay's sake. But that was okay. It's worth it.

Thankful for her foresight in actually bringing her nicotine fix along with her, Hayley dug in her pocket and retrieved two cigarettes, handing one to Jay and lighting it like the gentleman she totally was before lighting her own. Inhale. Exhale. It had been a while, and her lungs thanked her. ...Probably not, actually, but if I die from lung cancer that would be a fucking miracle.

"Man, you had me so worried! I thought- I was so fucked up whenever I heard you on the announcements, but- just- fuck, I'm just so glad to see you man!"

Waitwaitwait hold up holy shit was he tearing up? Her smile faded entirely, then. He was getting emotional. Over her. God, this place is really fucking with us, isn't it? I can barely get myself worked up over my best friend dying and now JAY FUCKING HOLLAND is freaking out because I'm NOT dead. He hasn't killed anyone, right? Yeah, he hasn't. Maybe killing just deadens you. Wouldn't be surprised.

"You have no idea Hayley..., seriously."

"I...a lot of shit's happened," Hayley said simply, scratching her head as she took another pull. "I...well, the first kill was me freaking out over nothing, and the second one was this asshole threating Ema and K- right. Ema, Jay. Jay, Ema." She made the introductions quickly, motioning to the two of them.

"The other three, though...like. Okay. This is gonna sound shitty, right? But I can't make sure someone I care about wins this shit if everyone else is still alive. Even if they're not killers, like...right, what was that boy's name? Andrew? Look, think of it this way- you're wandering through the woods and you run into this kid. And he freaks out, even though you're not trying to pull shit, and he panics, and he shoots you in the face. And then you're dead! Except now he can't. Cause he's dead. Does that make sense? I'm...I just want to keep people alive and shit. Ema. Alex. Isabel, Dutchy. You too, man. Gotta keep you alive since we all know you can't do it yourself."


Fuck off.

Her smile returned slightly then, but her next words came out a bit hollow.

"I mean...I've lost people. My boyfriend-" and it came out like that automatically, 'boyfriend', not 'ex-boyfriend' or anything else- "died a few days back. My best friend died yesterday. Just found out, you know? But...you know. Survival of the Fittest."

Inhale. Exhale. Calm down. Keep it optimistic and shit, girly.

"Like...time of my life's kinda much, but there's been good shit too. Like...fuck, this island. Shit just happens. You wouldn't even believe me if I told you."

Of course she was going to tell him what happened the other night. She had to, because the look on his face could very possibly make this whole Survival of the Fittest thing worth it. Not with Ema around, though. Hayley didn't feel like being shot by her own girlfriend(?).

"Ema, darling, do you mind exceptionally if Jay and I go forth and conversate and give ourselves lots and lots of lung cancer? Like...er, you and Janet. Make besties and such. Yeah?"

You are rude as fuck but whatever. Manners are overrated when you have less than a week to live.
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