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Mary-Ann blinked a few times. It seemed she'd stayed with the group after all. That was probably for the best. They were well armed and friendly. Mary-Ann didn't even remember much after first happening upon them. She was out like a light as soon as her head hit anything that was even close to being soft, sand in this case.

She was hugging the gun R.J. had given her. Mary-Ann might have slept a full night's sleep but she was still so tired. Not sleepy, just tired in a way that felt like her soul was worn down. However the sleep had done her some good. She felt like now she might be able to talk without crumbling into tears. The announcements went off.

Mary-Ann rolled over and looked at the girls. Even now she'd taken shelter in the protection of other people. It didn't seem like she was very far along on her promise to be strong for R.J. and she couldn't feel even a trace of his presence left, no matter what his letter said.

"I'm sorry I didn't really say anything before. I was kind of a wreck. Thank you for letting me stay."

((Continued in Everyday is like Sunday))
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