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"I'm sorry... Just stop the pain." Adrian pleaded. "Kill Me."

"What?" Sam asked in shock. With what? she added in her own head. It was all too much to handle! She let Ishida slip through her fingers and now she would have to kill someone who, quite frankly, deserved to get off of this island way more than she did.

She didn't hear what he said next, but as Adrian looked at the cards scattered on the ground Sam spotted the metallic object laying next to him. She moved to get a better look at it, and after a moment's hesitation, picked it up. A gun. He had a gun.

She found the safety, flicked it off, and pointed the gun at Adrian. Why? Why was she readily able to euthanize people she liked, but couldn't so much as ask a question to the girl she thought she wanted to kill for almost a week now. She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Sam could've sworn she heard Adrian thank her.


Sam lowered herself to the ground and sat in silent contemplation for several minutes.


She returned to her feet and moved over to Adrian's bag, she searched through the bag for any food, water, or ammo he might have left. When she finished doing that, she headed back to the place where she herself had fallen, and retrieved her bag. Her bow was cracked, and while she could, potentially, find a use for it other than shooting arrows it was to big to carry around without a planned use. The arrows might still be useful, though. She added everything she got from Adrian's bag to her own and moved on.

((Samantha Ridley continued The Calvary Arrives))

((Thread concluded))
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