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The announcement woke Acacia up with a moan and she blinked against the light that streamed against her closed eyelids. Putting her hands over her ears, the sound filtered through anyway. Trying to block it out, the second name jumped out at her like a lion and she sat up suddenly, eyes widened. The ocean was beautiful that morning.

"Ricky's dead?" she said dumbfoundedly to the others, aiming it mostly at Charlie, whom she'd noticed was awake. Her mind reeled. They had barely left him, he had been fine! Pissed out his mind, but fine nonetheless, she'd seen Ricky drunk dozens of times and he'd always made it home okay. But now he was... The image of Ricky's body with only a bloody stump where his head used to be filled her mind, and she felt bile rising in her throat. Turning round abruptly, Acacia rooted around in her back for her insulin, trying not to look too closely at how much was left. With a practiced hand, she loaded a new cartridge into the pen (when had the last one run out? She might have been injecting blanks for a couple of days), clicked it round, and jabbed the needle into her stomach. It was almost an unconscious gesture, and her expression didn't change from the mild surprise at Ricky's death throughout the whole process. Putting the pen back into it's slot in the case, she shook her head, while the rest of the dead were read out.

That was both the south eastern woods and the tunnels out for the rest of the game now. Acacia crossed them out on her map, they were useless now. She wondered idly what had happened in the woods to make them out of bounds. The thing in the tunnels, it must have happened about the same time they were there, maybe a bit before, maybe a bit after, she wasn't exactly sure what had happened, only Liz Polanski was dead.

"He's dead," she repeated hollowly. "It's not our fault, right? We couldn't have known that the tunnels were going to become a danger zone!" She said it for her own benefit rather than the others. Acacia shuddered, looking out to sea and hugging her knees against her chest, trying to make herself as small as possible. Tiny waves lapped the shore, the fluffy edges of the beast that was the sea. She'd squashed the sandcastle in her sleep, the leaf that Mary-Ann had found was still there, half buried in the dry sand. Idly, Acacia tried to reform it for the third time, keeping a good hold on the leaf.

"So, where next?" Acacia said, hinting slightly. This beach made her feel antsy.
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