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((Must ... avoid ... inactivity! Also, due to a death that's occurring, timeskip COMMENCE!))

"I don't think she's much of a threat. It's Mary-Ann, from theatre. At least she wasn't, kind of stuck to herself." Mary-Ann. Charlene squinted to further make out the approaching girl. Mary-Ann. A woman who would be cuter if she hadn't spent 8 days getting railed by SOTF.

"Hey! You alright?" Acacia called out as she started fiddling around with the sand, making some sort of pile. Mary-Ann came forward, just able to give out a greeting as she stuck a leaf into the pile, making some sort of basic sand castle.

"You're doing that wrong. You'll never get anywhere using dry sand." Thea told Acacia. "Hey. We were just discussing the merits of salt water versus fresh water. I'm all for fresh water to clean up after we finish relaxing here on the beach. Acacia's calling me names for not enjoying the salt water more. What do you think?" She greeted Mary-Ann. Charlie turned onto her stomach and giggled a little.

"Whenever I go to a pool, it's always a bitch washing my hair. Seems the water does something to make my hair bulletproof or something." Charlie took out her gun and turned it over a couple times in her left hand, being careful not to fire it at anything, before sticking it back into the waistband of her pants.


The night was nice. They had a bonfire - good thing for them they had a fire pit already there. They hung out, as if they weren't on SOTF at all - they were just four girls hanging out together. They played a game of Truth or Dare - Charlie admitted she was bi (wasn't like they were going to be alive enough to make it worth keeping it a secret anyway), they did each others' hair, (so now, thanks to Thea, Charlie looked semi-human - her hair had been horrible once she'd seen her reflection), and they all managed to get some actual sleep.

((As a note, please PM me if you don't approve and I'll make changes accordingly))

The next morning, Charlie's attention was turned away from what had probably been her best day on the island so far as she could tell (well, she was a mess, but at least she was a mess with her friends) by, what else, the announcements.

"Alexander Campbell died of I-thought-it'd-be-fine-to-field-amputate-my-arm ..."

"Ricky Fortino and Francesca Fiametta both managed to get themselves caught in the tunnels, and exploded ..." Ricky's death got to Charlie a bit - it seemed like he was so drunk off his ass he must have fallen asleep or something. But it was Alex's death that got to her - not only did it mean that the shot had ended up killing him, but now ...

It's just me and Hayley. Of their original group, everyone else was dead - Jonathan, Madelyn, now Alex were dead. Now it was Charlene and Hayley, and given that James and Jason were dead by Hayley's hand and she'd gotten slashed when she met Hayley last time, it wasn't going to be good next time.
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