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“You’re doing that wrong,” Thea pointed out to Acacia as Mary-Ann joined the group. “You’ll never get anywhere using dry sand.”

Thea smiled as Mary-Ann joined them. “Hey,” she said brightly. “We were just discussing the merits of salt water versus fresh water. I’m all for fresh water to clean up after we finish relaxing here on the beach. Acacia’s calling me names for not enjoying the salt water more. What do you think?”

Thea kept the conversation light and casual on purpose, she wasn’t sure she was ready to another recount of the terrors that Mary-Ann had faced on the island. Or worse yet having to recount losing Jason, who she’d inadvertently sent to his death, or reliving James’ death, which she hadn’t even been there to see. She’d only heard about it over the announcements. She sighed, this place sucked. Picking up a shell from the beach she hurled it as hard as she could into the ocean.
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