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"It's impolite to stare, Jay."

Jay felt his cheeks flush bright red. He stumbled to his feet, moving over towards Janet, giggling despite himself. He wasn't sure exactly why. He'd seen Hayley kiss many people before. Hell, he was pretty sure he'd been introduced to her WHILE she was making out with someone. It was nothing new. Yet given the situation at hand, it was just so mundane. So routine Hayley Kelly, mackin' on somebody when the going got rough. To see it on Survival of the Fittest, of all the places in the world...

It made him want to cry. Hayley- she was going to die. They all were going to die, more then likely. Only one would remain. But it wasn't only despair. They were still sane. They were still themselves. So he indulged it, that little scrap of normalcy hanging on inside him, playing it up for everyone to see, as if to give just one more "fuck you" to Danya.

"Hayley! Fuckin' Hayley Kelly!" Fuckin- Holy shit! You're here! You're-" He couldn't stop smiling. In a fit of spontaneous energy Jay leapt towards Janet, wrapping his arms around her in a hug.

"Janet, Jesus Christ, can you believe our luck!?"

He let his companion go, heading towards Hayley and the other girl, his arms wide, a stupid grin stuck to his face.

"First off, it's been fantastic! We've been chillin', we've been having the time of our lives! And you know what else?! I LOVE bein' not dead! That's amazing! It's just one more thing we've got in common y'know!? And third off, I'D LOVE A SMOKE! I WANT ALL THE SMOKES YOU GOT, - ALL OF THEM- AS MANY AS WE CAN RATIONALLY HAVE! AND THEN, ONE MORE ON TOP OF THAT, JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!"

Jay couldn't hold it in any longer. He finished his walk over to Hayley with a light jog, before colliding into his friend, squeezing her tight and slapping her on the back. She might think it was awkward, but fuck it if he cared. Too many of his friends were out there, too many he'd never see again. Hayley was here and he wasn't going to waste a second showing her that yeah, he did give a shit about her.

Jay didn't care about what could happen just then. If Hayley had yanked out a knife right then and there, stabbed him in the face, hell, he'd even be okay with that. At least he'd been up front with her, and at least he'd die doing the right thing for once.

He didn't know why it was the right thing... but some things he just knew. "Up is up, down is down, Hayley Kelly is my friend." All the pain she'd caused... all the awful announcements, the five dead kids attached to her name... That came second to showing her just how much he cared.

"Man, you had me so worried! I thought- I was so fucked up whenever I heard you on the announcements, but- just- fuck, I'm just so glad to see you man!" He blinked back tears, breathing out a sigh of relief..

"You have no idea Hayley..., seriously."
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