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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese had trailed behind the group, worrying her bottom lip as they walked. A couple of times she had tried to get Ray’s attention, but he was purposefully ignoring her. She got it, she had messed up. But the others were following his lead. They were pretending they couldn’t see her either.

Back at school, people often ignored her as she tried to give them a flier or a pamphlet or just explain whatever cause she had been working on at the time. She was used to that. This was more than simply ignoring her. She had violated the group dynamic and endangered them all so now they were shunning her. And that hurt so much more than being ignored in the hallways of Bayview. She looked at the ground and blinked quickly, trying to stave off the tears.

Annaliese absently rubbed her arm as Ray and Allan tended to the downed Isabel. Words were pointless now since no one would hear her. The only way to apologize for her screw up was to make up for it in some tangible way. She nodded as Ray pointed out their need for food. And water. Her water was long gone. Isabel needed food, they all did. And they desperately needed water.

She remembered some episode of a survival show on the Travel Channel. They had said that in a desperate situation, you could add drops of bleach to water and make it drinkable. Glancing at the store, she knew what she needed to do. She would go in and get some bleach and whatever food or food-like products they had. Then the others would know she was sorry. If she presented Ray with stuff to help their survival, he would know she was sorry and he would talk to her again.

As quietly as possible, Annaliese put down her bag and stepped away from the group. They were all still clustered around Isabel. She could be in and out in like, three minutes, tops.

Her heart pounding, she put her hand on the door and prayed that it was unlocked. Tugging on it, it silently opened. Taking it as a sign that this was exactly what she was supposed to do, she slipped into the darkened building.

The silence in the store was oppressive. It almost like a living thing. She shuddered as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Her skin crawled as she cautiously looked from side to side. Several times on this trip, she had either thought about or made horror movie references but nothing she had encountered compared to this.

"Don't be a baby," she chided herself. "It's just a store. Nothing in here can hurt you. You have to make amends, so get it in gear and let's go." With a confidence she didn't really feel, she strode out into the darkness.
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