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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jimmy was down, Ray had just beat the ever loving piss out of him with something that'd make Mayor Haggar proud, and everybody was running in and out of the building faster than Felicia could ever hope to keep track of. In, out, in, out... well, mostly out, but nobody so much as turned to look at her as they left the residence. Some people went one way, others went the other way, but nobody was willing to stay here.

Soon, it seemed like nearly nobody else was left inside the building except for Jimmy and Rosa... at least from what Felicia could see. Poor Jimmy... Felicia had always taken a liking for the little guy in school, and he always seemed to have to fight an uphill battle. This island was probably hell on earth for the hyper little bugger, and Ray... Ray, that goddamn jerk, picking on a little guy like Jimmy.

Taking a deep breath and keeping a watchful eye to ensure that nobody might be sneaking up on her, Felicia stepped along the wall towards the door. She's just... she'd just call for Rosa's attention, let the shock wear off, then walk around that door and hug her. That's what she'd do.

Almost there... I've finally found her... finally found her, just need to...

Before she could so much as finish her own mental ramblings, Rosa had suddenly burst out the door and began sprinting away.

Felicia immediately tried to shrilly call out to her... girlfriend? Lover? The person that meant the most to her right now. It was more than what her voice could handle at the given moment, however, and her throat cracked into a coughing fit that Rosa either could not hear, or just never turned around for. The cough persisted, nearly throwing Felicia off balance. Rosa was almost out of sight, which left only one way for her to follow. But Jimmy... Jimmy was right there, and now he'd be all alone.

Sorry, Jimmy... it would have been nice to hang out, but I need to get to her.

Her legs had already sent her off running, ignoring the terrible burn and the ridiculous tightness in her lungs.


Damn it, come back!!

((Felicia Carmichael continued in Monsters))
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