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How cute.
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"You've got company, boy. You know what to do."

Right. Find a place to hide, that was his first order of business. The noises outside weren't random, they were voices. Several of them, to boot. There was a back way out of here somewhere around here, but Alex wasn't about to take off running just yet. This was supposed to be his game, after all. And he was there first, scavenging the grocery store before they ever came along, so why shouldn't he stick around and make sure he got the pick of the harvest?

Alex slipped behind a shelf, and then another. Back further into the store. Against the refrigerated sections, with the glass doors to his back and the faint smell of rotten food. Rotten food with just a hint of old milk. It was dark as all hell back here, and the only windows were up front. Perfect place to hide. Perfect place to sit tight and wait for them.

Also the perfect place to find broken glass.

The remains of the bottle crunched underfoot and Alex froze. He waited. He listened. Then he relaxed. No one heard it. No one was inside yet to hear it. But broken glass was a perfect tool. He'd used it before to great lengths, why not again?

He palmed a piece of glass, and waited.

In the dark.

He waited.
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