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Yet again, the guy that Rosa was hiding behind was torn apart right before her eyes. He might've been a psychotic little bastard, but Jimmy sure could take a beating. Rosa took a step back from the fighting, then another, fidgeting, looking all around herself, the cogs in her mind turning, spinning.

Jimmy was down.

She owed him nothing.

She owed herself better.

Rosa wasn't proud of what she'd done, but she wasn't necessarily ashamed of it either. She'd just done what she felt was necessary to avoid getting a faceful of buckshot. Jimmy was down, hurt. That sucked. What sucked more, though, was being on a leash to a murdering lunatic. What he'd done to JJ... Had he deserved that? Even after what JJ had done to her, getting put down like an animal, getting his head blown off?

And Rosa was going around with a murderer who was about an inch away from snapping. Being 'his girl' wouldn't be much protection there.

This was barely an argument, and barely the slightest hesitation. The opportunity was there.

Sorry Jimmy. You aren't number one. You aren't even number two or three. You're not even a fighter, big talk and all. Sayonara.

Rosa bolted.

((Rosa Fiametta continued in Monsters))
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