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Allen knelt down beside Isabel, keeping an eye on her breathing and watching to see if her condition changed at all. Nothing new had happened on the way to the grocery store, Isabel remained unconscious and everyone was remaining just as quiet. Nobody talked, and Allen could sense some animosity between Ray and Annaliese. It was only because of Isabel that he stayed with the group; had she not been there, he would have left them all behind to go off to find Andrea by himself.


She was still out there, somewhere. Hopefully she was safe, working on that plan and staying out of danger. Well, anything more dangerous than being in the middle of Survival of the Fucking Fittest. And once Isabel woke up (not if she woke up, when she woke up, Allen continually reminded himself), they would go looking for Andrea together. And maybe bring Ray, or Annaliese or the whole group with him.

'Oh... wait, Andrea said just to tell a few people, I guess it'll just have to be me and Isabel going then,' Allen thought. He felt really bad for having to abandon everyone else, but he didn't know them all that well, and he didn't want to jeopardize the plan and get everyone killed as a result. That would do no one any favors whatsoever.

Back in the present, Ray announced that they were going inside the building. "I'm going to wait out here with Isabel and make sure she's okay, if that's okay with you guys," Allen spoke, looking up to the other boy. "Just grab anything. Right now anything's got to taste better than stale moldy bread and water."
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