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((Gracie Wainwright continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight ))

Gracie began to breathe easier the further she got away from the destroyed cell tower. They’d had a new addition to the group and Gracie still wasn’t sure what she thought of the girl. She knew that she didn’t like sharing her boys. Gracie smiled a little to herself, she wasn’t sure when she’d decided they were hers, but they were.

She made her way down the mountain and saw a structure in the distance. On the off chance that lightning would strike twice and she would find water again, she headed that direction. She hoped that it wasn’t already occupied, considering the last two times they’d met up with fellow students someone had died. She glanced down at her clothes and pulled at them noticing for the first time how baggy they’d become. Maybe the building would have a mirror and she could see just how much weight she’d lost.

Gracie focused on these thoughts instead of the fact that at least two of the people she was traveling with murders. And the fact that even though she knew this she was still traveling with them.

The building finally came into sight and Gracie could just make out movement from inside. She sighed. “Here we go again,” she muttered. Heading for the door, she opened it knocking on it as she came into the room.

“Hi,” she said with forced brightness.
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