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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Please don't cry.

For the love of god, please don't cry. Because when you do...

When you aren't happy, when the tears fall, when you're weak...

I want to cry too.

Ivan could offer a hand to rest on Tabi's shoulder all he wanted, supply a part of himself to cling to, but that wouldn't put a smile on her face. The bleak and grim possibility sunk into his heart that Tabi may have reason never to smile again. Nobody could, with conscience, fault her for this; this island had been pure hell on everybody so far, and for those who hadn't yet found the release of death, the pain wasn't going away just yet. For whoever managed to survive the ordeal, no matter who it ended up being, the pain might never stop.

As he continued to look down at the girl who sobbed into him and looked to him for the comfort that he felt he could never provide, Ivan wondered if by saving Tabi and fighting for her life as long as he could, he was also condemning her to all the pain that this cold, unforgiving world had to offer in life. Were their dead classmates still in pain? Were any of them in heaven yet? For that matter... were any of them in hell, and was that where he was going when all of this was over?

In some ways, Maria really was the lucky one in all of this, no longer having to watch all of her friends die one by one. Now she could be with whatever friends she happened to care about. This thought brought Ivan's eyes up and into the room that Maria had been so desparate to reach. That body... as vague as the memory was, he remembered that the two were together. Such a thought surprised him, as he cared about Maria and whoever this boy was just about as much as he cared about Tabi when they were all at school. That was to say, everything going on around him was just a whitewashed blur as he focused on the road straight ahead. But now, little pieces of the past weren't so fuzzy. Those times that the strange and annoying spunky brunette walked by him in the halls were now those times Tabi and he had walked by, not even exchanging glances. Back then, they were nothing.

Nothing was more than just something, now. With the pleasure that came with Tabi serving as his guiding light to press onward, and the only one to keep his ties to home alive, also came the responsibility to protect her and do everything he could to keep her content. 'Happy' was a goal that was not currently attainable, but he'd settle for comforting her in some way... any way.

"Tabi, you need... you need to stand up." Ivan said quietly, dedicating his other arm to holding her head. Fingers ran through hair long since abandoned by any real care, but even with the hell that she had been put through, it still managed to be delicate and beautiful. Her soul was every bit as precious and beautiful as her body, which was why her grief pained him as much as it did. His hands coaxed for the kneeling girl beside him to stand, but she remained down on the floor. Ivan bit back the urge for his own tears to spill out as he bent the leg Tabi wasn't clinging to.

"Come on... come with me." Ivan placed his hands underneath Tabi's arms and, taking great care not to yank too hard, firmy lifted upward. After a moment or two's worth of resistance, the girl's grip gave way to pulling down on him, finding it in herself to rise partway to her her feet. When they could only go so far before knees began to quake, Ivan moved around to Tabi's side. Issuing a silent command to lean back, Ivan supported Tabi's upper body with his left arm and her legs with his right. The burn in his right arm seemed to have diminished at least a little; perhaps the week-old wound would finally begin to quiet down.

It only took a few paces to move back to the couch that they had been resting peacefully at just a few moments before. When Ivan eased Tabi down onto it and let his arms rest, he brought his head close to hers. He hoped with all his heart she wouldn't push him away, even though she had every right to in her grieving. With a heart this heavy with emotions, sometimes people didn't think clearly... he knew he was just barely hanging onto lucidity as it was. Hanging on, however, was necessary for her sake.

"Just give me a sec... hon... I'll be right back."

Ivan turned and stepped back to where Maria had fallen. As much as he really didn't want to touch a dead body, this was just something he had to do. There wasn't really much of a reason he could outright state, he just... had to do so in respect for the girl. Not only did he have to move Maria respectfully, but to ease things for Tabi's sake, he had to do it quickly. Scooping his arms under the ridiculously light girl's form, Ivan solemnly lifted her up and brought her inside the bedroom that was already occupied with a guest. The exact positioning was a bit odd, but as long as Maria was set down next to this boy who had already met his fate, who hopefully shared an afterlife with Maria, then that would be alright with him.

With the deed done, Ivan backed out of the room and shut the door in his wake. It was the most he could have done. While trying to keep the heaviness in his heart out of his footsteps, he approached the girl on the couch and knelt in front of her.

"We... we did all we could. I'm sorry."
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