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((Annaliese Hansen, Allen Birkman, Isabel Guerra, Raymond Dawson, and Alex Jackson continued from Man Your Man Could Smell Like))

Ray and Allen set Isabel as comfortably as they could against the wall of the grocery store.

The trip to the store had been in almost abject silence; Ray didn't know why Alex or Allen didn't say anything, but he guessed Annaliese stayed mum because she was worried he was mad at her.

And he was, to a point. She had gotten them deep into a pile of shit that he almost couldn't have gotten them out of, and Ray was, to say the least, somewhat miffed about that. Everytime Annaliese had tried to catch his eye on the way over, he looked away and kept his silence. He wasn't sure he could remain civil. Not right yet. Over the last couple days he had started to love the girl as much as his own flesh and blood sister, love her to death, but goddammit, she had done wrong.

After making sure Isabel was as well-propped as they could manage, he looked into the front window of the store. It was dark inside, which would make it a bitch to search for supplies. But whatever. They had to do it.

"Hope we can at least find a can of beans or some shit like that." He said to himself and the group at the same time.
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