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((GMing approved))

Allen could only watch as Isabel's consciousness faded in front of him. She didn't answer his questions, possibly too delirious to even understand what he'd asked in the first place. She did however have the strength to pass him a couple of crumpled up pieces of paper, as well as utter a warning not to tell anyone what exactly was written on there. And then she was out like a light.

"Isabel? Isabel?!" Allen cried out, putting his fingers on her neck to check for a pulse, fearing the worst. He could feel the blood still rushing through the artery though, which was quite a relief. But now he faced a major problem. He had to move her somewhere out of the way, since the pair of them were sitting ducks just lying out in the open. The pieces of paper were still folded up on the ground, Allen snatching them and putting them into his shirt pocket. He would look at them later, once he figured out just how he was going to carry Isabel to a safe location all by himself.

The solution to that problem came walking up to him in the form of Raymond Dawson, with Annaliese and Alex right behind him. Allen could only look up at the guy who was suggesting they go to the grocery store for supplies. He found it hard to argue with Ray's plan, seeing as it may help Isabel out, not to mention he was running low himself, and so he simply nodded in agreement. With Ray's help he picked Isabel's limp body up and carried her away from the house.

((Allen Birkman, Isabel Guerra, Raymond Dawson, Annaliese Hansen and Alex Jackson continued in Monsters))
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