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Someone called her name. Isabel spit and wiped her mouth on the back of her mud caked sleeve. She looked up again and Allen was in front of her.


It felt like she was trying to think through molasses. She blinked and willed her thought process to move faster.

"Raidon, he attacked me. I came here. Jimmy, he did.....shotgun....."

For not sleeping for nearly three days the five minutes of rest she had when she'd passed out in Ray and Annaliese's garden wasn't going to do it. She could feel herself slipping down. There were only a few seconds left but at least this time she could be a little smarter about the fact that she was about to go out of commission.

Isabel reached into her shirt and grabbed the folded papers. She shoved them at Allen.

Five, four

"Whatever you do..."

Three, two

"Don't tell."


((Isabel Guerra continued in Monsters . GM approved for the group to drag her around.))
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