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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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Hayley heard singing.

This was the thing, though, she couldn't possibly be hearing singing, because to hear singing would be to accept that someone was singing, and to accept that someone was singing was to accept something that could not possibly be happening. First of all, it was day fucking eight here on Survival of the Fittest- who had shit to sing about? And second of all, who was enough of a dumbass to sing, loud enough to be heard, on any day, let alone when the game was more than half over? Hayley knew stupidity- in her approximation most of Bayview was lucky to find the school in the morning without help- but still, this was ridiculous, and she was going to put it down to her brain giving her auditory hallucinations to distract her from this whole matter of her dead best friend.

Thank you, brain.

Exactly how unwilling she was to disconnect from Ema had, of course, not a thing to do with the matter.

But then there were rustling bushes. Her brain wouldn't make up auditory hallucinations of rustling bushes unless her brain fucking hated her, given that it immediately put her on edge. The only thing that prevented her from immediately disengaging Ema was the comforting knowledge that whoever was approaching was obviously a fucking idiot, but after a moment, and a loud noise that might have been a word, sort of- something like ”WOAH,” she whirled around, pointing Vera in the general rustling-bush direction, thanking God and Buddha or whoever that she'd actually remembered her gun this time,

She was quickly just as thankful for the promise she'd made herself the day before. Thou shalt not kill anyone who isn't waving a fucking gun around or whatever. No more shooting people at random, which was good, because had she not decided that one of her closest friends would have had a case of acute lead poisoning before she even noticed who he was.

As it were, though-

“Holy shit.

First she was going to need a moment. A moment to process that this was, in fact, who she thought it was. Jay fucking Holland. Stoner extraordinare. One of the best people to have by your side if there was a party to go to, and when your name was Hayley Kelly that was pretty much all the time. The two of them had had some good fucking times, and maybe he wasn't the first person she wanted on her side in a crisis, but hell. He might be an idiot, but he's my idiot.

“Holy shit, Jay! JAY MOTHERFUCKING HOLLAND!” She was grinning her face off. This was brilliant. Fucking brilliant. She dropped her gun arm and started walking towards him. “How's it been, man?”

She wanted to run and tackle the kid, full force, because it was so amazing seeing Jay being Jay and not a broken shell. Maddy was dead because something on this island changed her. But if Jay was singing like a fucking idiot in the woods on Survival of the Fittest- yeah, same kid. But at this point, caution was key, especially because she was who she was. A known killer. Plenty of people in this game would probably shoot her on sight, not that she thought Jay would. He looked plenty happy to see her-

She remembered suddenly exactly what he'd interrupted. That would explain the look on his face, yeah. Same old Jay, pretty much.

So she walked, giving him plenty of time to shoot her in the eye if he felt like it- she couldn't be scared, not of Jay Holland, never ever- and eventually stopped dead in front of him, still grinning like an idiot but whatever, really. “You're alive! I mean, like, I knew you were alive, you haven't been on the fuckin' announcements-” she hurried past that point, past the obvious as opposed to me, who has been on the announcements quite a few times now “-but still...man, you're NOT DEAD. That's fucking awesome. I love it when my friends aren't dead, it's been happening less and less lately.”

Hayley frowned for a moment. Making light already? Really? You were crying like five minutes ago. But nothing could really bring her down right now. Jay Holland, in the fucking flesh. This was glorious. Jay Holland and-

She noticed for the first time that he wasn't alone and looked over at his companion, a girl who looked vaguely familiar. She had been...at Alex's party, wasn't it? Jay'd been hitting on her. Well that worked out. Sort of. Her name escaped her for the moment, so she just spared a quick nod before turning back to Jay and said something she probably wouldn't have said to anyone else at this point on the island.

“Want a smoke?”
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