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i'm not upset
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EDIT: Now with more information and stuff.

Oh neat! Well I have two solid concepts and two shakier ones.

Michelle Weschler:

5'6''. Average size though not busty and very hippy, both of which she is sensitive about. Long light brown curls down to almost her waist.

Mother is a family therapist and father is a college professor (whatever colleges happen to be near the town we end up choosing for v5). Girl scout, lesbian or bisexual, cheerful and cute as a button. From a big family and friendly, though shy around adults or intimidating people. Her mother is into crystal healing and energy healing which Michelle scoffs at, making her very "FOR SCIENCE!". Sort of nerdy in a Sci-Fi and comic book sort of way (Big fan of Asimov, Heinlein, Superman comics and Star Trek) but generally pleasant and very kind. On the swim team and hopes to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo:

5'4'' and 120 pounds. Latina with red/brownish skin and dark dark, almost black eyes. Shiny black hair cut into a fashionable asymmetrical bob and curvaceous body type.

Beauty pageant rich girl with some sort of student government position. Ambitious and motivated, but ruthless. Vain, jealous and smart, though she constantly underestimates the people around her. Hopes to be a lawyer and take over her father's lucrative company. She's not overly antagonistic, not yet at bully status but she's definitely one to talk behind people's backs. Slightly homophobic and racist though she mostly keeps that in, not verbalizing it much.

Paris Arden

Er, longish black wavy hair and tan skin with dark eyes. Handsome.

Attractive guy who's decently smart though not a genius or anything. He's an acoustic guitar douche bag who brings it everywhere. Way into his music. Very religious and will sometimes use his charm and looks to trick girls into coming out with him when it's really an hour long talk about trying to convert them. Frowns very strongly on promiscuous students, drug use and drinking. Self-righteous is this dude's middle name but he's also selfish and will use his looks and fast talking to get what he wants.

Would love some interactions with both since I sortta came in the tail end of pregame last time.
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