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Jessica Sanders: 18 year old bassist for the same band that Jade just so happens to be in. Has the somewhat obvious and goofy nickname 'The Colonel' thanks to her last name, which she earned at a music camp.

Sean ??? (either Mulcahy or Mulherin): A somewhat lanky 17 year old. Not much is set in stone about him yet, though I've been playing with his various interests/hobbies/dislikes/etc. He'll have a sister played by another handler.

Christopher Aiken: A 19 year old, rather muscular guy who's 'in' with the jock crowd. While he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize everybody at the school, he's less than sympathetic towards 'nerds and geeks' who might be in the vicinity. During the summer, he works with his dad on a crab fishing boat near Alaska.

I'm honestly not too sure if I'm really going to use Jerry Fury anymore. I know I've done a decent bit of talking about him, but even as a 'parody done right' of all the things we saw wrong with failed v4 submissions, he seems too silly and out of place now. Especially since I already have three very solid character ideas, Jerry's getting more and more superfluous.
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