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Alright, my concepts so far:

Miranda Millers: I think this is one you guys have heard by now. XD

She's basically your standard "bitchy popular girl" type. Tries to be fashionable, mean to less "popular" girls, rich and so on. But she's also hella neurotic. I'm thinking that she's kind of a perfectionist type who tries to make herself look like the girl who has everything and is generally awesome, who could be having an anxiety attack while keeping a smile and mocking the "weird" "uncool" girls. I might actually write her with a mild anxiety disorder of some kind, or possibly hint that her perfectionist, "elitist" attitude being linked to her family in some way (parental pressures?) to explain it.

Her perfectionism also extends to little ways, as well. For example, despite saying that she despises anime and Japanese stuff, and mocks people who do all the time? She's a weeaboo deep down. Seriously. In fact, this is how I got the general personality down for her (I remember ranting about stereotypes in chat, once, saying that it's okay if your character fills a "niche", just do something interesting with it, one of the examples being a bitchy popular girl who acts like she hates anime but secretly loves the shit out of it).

Another thing about her I'm toying with is to make her a closeted lesbian. Like she tried to make herself "look" straight by dating various boys in the past, only for it to backfire in some way. But I'm thinking that she eventually came to terms with it before pre-game started and over the course of it get some character development by coming out in some way, to see where it goes.

Overall: Bitchy-but-secretly-neurotic-and-perfectionistic popular girl who is secretly obsessed with anime and might be a lesbian.

(no name just yet!)- Okay, here's an idea that might be controversial, so I need help on it. I'm thinking of making a character with a disability, specifically deaf-muteness.

Nothing's really concrete with her, so I'm open to suggestions on how she should be written, if at all. I have a number of questions that need answering about her disability, actually. For example, how bad does a disability have to be before she can't go to a public school? What ways of helping her would a school have? Would she be able to go on a school trip, and under what conditions? How would people react to her on the campus? Is there anything else I should know about writing someone with this condition?

Overall, I'm just toying with making a character with a disability, just to stretch my writing skills a bit. It would be an interesting thing to write about, if I can manage keeping her realistic and not make the disability her main character trait.

(also doesn't have a name just yet)- Like many other handlers I've noticed, I'm thinking of making a steampunk/Neo-Victorian character, as well.

Admittedly it came from a joke when talking to someone in private suggesting we should make steampunk people, saying "If they flip out over the amount of anime people this version, will they flip out over steampunk people NEXT version?" or something along those lines. XD

So yeah. Possibly steampunk person in the works. They might also be a musician in some way, as well (possibly in a band?).

Gah! Are those really the only ideas I can think of right now? Surely I can pull more shit out of my ass soon. XD

But yeah. If you have any tips on how to write these well or have ideas on what to do with them, please tell me! I'm open!

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