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*insert dance song here*
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These are my three concepts so far:

Jack McDonald: He's going to be my self-insert, a nerd with a bit of social awkwardness. He can be social and outgoing when around people he knows well but silent and thoughtful when he's not. Though he can't sing, dance, or play an instrument, Jack is in love with music, always listening to his iPod or tapping a beat. Hobbies include tennis, anime, and the Internet.

Monica Bowman: She's a video game nerd. She especially loves fighting games. She also has a big temper and is very controlling.

Maximillian Sawyer: He's a rich, handsome guy who's also a bit of a jerk. His parents aren't very controlling and let him do a lot of things he probably shouldn't. He's good with ladies he doesn't know, but those who know about him tend to not be drawn in. He's also on the swim team and is fairly fit as a result.

If anyone has any ideas for character relationships, PM me so we can start working on it.
V5 Characters:

Jack McDonald is a SELF-INSERT YAY.
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