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So, copying straight off my notepad for the most part, so bound to be a little stream of consciousness-sort of thing.

Regan Flagg: 18 year-old music geek with dreams of music stardom. Play's the guitar in a band with her brother, played by Ciel. At least, I think we agreed to that. Hippy parents, so liberal home-life. Smart but not motivated, so doing poorly in school. Absent-minded and scattered, but friendly. Idolizes Dave Grohl and Angus Young. Also kicking around the idea of her being a closeted lesbian, so I'd want her to have someone who didn't mind being a girlfriend on the sly. Lot's of teenage angst, 'who am I?' sort of stuff.

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Jane Gordon: I was thinking a combination of V4 pre-game Pondsworth and The Breakfast Club's Bender, minus any parental abuse. Ignored at home. Loves her parent's and is desperate for their attention, so get's in fights/bullies people for attention. Loves animals, and wants to be veterinarian in the future. Closest nerd, e.g., loves to read, doing great in school. Homophobic, but more out of lack of knowledge then any real hate, that is, hating what she doesn't understand, that sort of thing. I kind of want her to mellow out toward the end of pre-game, but I'd play it by ear.

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Faye Martin: Quiet, dorky, artsy girl. OCD, rail thin/anorexic. Antisocial to the extreme, afraid of personal contact. Afraid of social interaction, but desperately wants to be able to make social connections/friends. Lonely. Talented artist, excels at painting and drawing. Uses art as a means of expression. After graduating, wants to work with computers or video games. See's video games as an escape.

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Edit: Now with pictures!
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