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Charles Philip "Chuck" Soileau: A short 18-year old of Cajun descent (his father a police officer and his mother a childminder), his predominant interests are politics and history. Very analytical, little bit paranoid, very self-conscious and doesn't hesitate to mess with his friends, but overall a friendly, lovable person.

Michael Fischer: Son of an overambitious low-profile (something like State Representative) moderate Republican politician of the same name, unlike his father, the popular 17-year old Michael really couldn't give two shits about politics, and he'd much rather focus on fanning his own ego, flirting with the nearest convenient girl or playing guitar.

Kiziah Saraki: Along with her siblings and her mother, Kiziah (now 18) fled her native Nigeria in 1995 because her parents feared that their children would be punished for the outspoken anti-General Abacha views of Mr and Mrs Saraki. Despite her intelligence (especially in maths and languages), and her rather nerdy interests, she is known as extremely gullible, a trait the jokers of the school cannot not take advantage of.

Feedback or whatever appreciated. Literally pulled these ideas out of my arse a while ago.
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