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Well, here goes nothing. Very rough draft here.

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Darren Fox: Aged 18 of half British/half American descent, basically a self-insert of me when I was in my final years at school. Darren has mild Asperger's Syndrome, which leads to him acting slightly awkward around others and doing other things (like obsessively making lists of stuff). His main interest is art, and is also keen on studying languages.

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Luca Kowalski: Aged 17 and a 3rd generation American of Polish descent, his cousin Marie vanished along with the rest of her class during a field trip back in 2005. Since then, Luca has been wondering what happened to her, coming up with ideas that could explain her disappearance, and as a result now has a strong interest in conspiracy theories.

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Sandra Ortega: Aged 18 and a 2nd generation American of Hispanic descent, Sandra stumbled across SOTF back in 2007 while V3 was in full swing, and fell in love with the show almost instantly. However, knowing that her parents would strongly disapprove of her new-found interest, Sandra began publically voicing out against SOTF in an attempt to mask her secret.

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Rory Drayton: Aged 18 of American descent (haven't determined anything further than that), a star on the basketball court. Rory has had a string of relationships behind him, some much more intimate than others. However, once such 'conquest' resulted in one thing he wasn't expecting; a baby with *name tbd*. Now Rory's had to leave his cassanova-lifestyle behind and learn how to be a responsible parent.

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