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Just to head off something that ended up being a problem v4 thread: please please please don't post full rough-drafts of profiles in here. It makes the thread a major pain in the ass to trawl through, & we don't need nearly that much info to talk about/critique a general concept. Something super-abbreviated like what Acidic's got up there is fine & dandy, but posting much more than that will just make things messy

anyway, @Acidic: I can totally appreciate wanting to play around with something as interesting as synethsesia, but I'd really strongly advise not basing a character around a disorder, esp. one you're not personally familiar with. Things like that have a nasty habit of turning into a gimmick or crutch (whether the writer means for them to or not) & there's so many other things you'd have to be careful about, like how the school system would handle the student's needs, how it would affect them in a high-stress situation like the island, how's it's shaped their lives & how they act/think/behave because of the disorder, etc etc. There's a real risk for it to turn into something that's honestly not worth the effort in this kind of setting.

If you're going to go ahead with it, just be very careful to develop a strong character that could stand out even without the disorder. If you feel like it's making them a weaker character or you might let them slip into a fodder role because they're too difficult to write, I'd def say you should drop it

@Besty: I'm looking for some challenges for v5 too. I think I've got two solid concepts already, but it'd be fun to chat about. I might PM you later or something <3
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