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Alright, I have three concepts I'm still throwing around in my head. I had two more at one point, but frankly... Meh.

Jade ??? - 17 year old drummer from a Metalcore band. Going out with the singer (Played by faceinabook), other band members are played by MK Kilmarnock, and... Well, we still need a guitarist.

Jasmine Tolle - 18 year old aspiring artist. Pacifist, but absolutely loves high school and Internet drama. Just accepted into the Art Institute of Chigago, and CalArts.

Travis Parker - An "updated" self insert. Basically invent a back-story so that his personality comes out to mine today, in contrast to Peter, who is who I was when I actually graduated high school. I also have plans with Lily for this one... You guys will just have to wait and see though.
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