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Taken from the concepts thread in Mini and slightly edited...

Jadynn Chiang-Shea - Jadynn Chiang-Shea is (as one could tell) of mixed ancestry, as the daughter to a fourth generation Chinese father and a mostly Irish white mother, and the first child in her family that's the result of an interracial marriage. Her facial features and skin tone generally reflects her mixed ancestry, as she has fairly light skin and her face is a blend of both Asian and Caucasion features, while her hair is is a fairly dark brown, bordering on black, with her eyes a similarly dark color. She's generally considered very good looking at a height of 5'7" and a weight of 123 pounds, with an athletic body from taking numerous extracurricular sports, primarily track and soccer. Her chest is somewhat somewhat above average sized, but not very noticeably so. Generally, she wears fairly casual brand-name clothing, but isn't one to show off about what clothes she has. On the day of abduction, she was wearing a bright purple halter top, a red athletic jacket, and a pair of shorts going just above her knees.

Jadynn as an only child, has a family that only consists of her father Peter and her mother Mary, both of them working full-time. Her life seems enviable at first, as she's a star student and athlete while being fairly popular to boot. However, behind the scenes Jadynn's constantly busy with her schoolwork and sports, constantly being pushed to the limit by her father, who took the so-called "Chinese" style of parenting with gusto, despite being a totally assimilated fourth generation ABC. Her mother hardly helped her either either, as she hardly ever talked to Jadynn due to being very busy from work, but when she did she started divisive arguments on parenting between herself and her husband. Jadynn feared that it would separate them and thus only make the problems worse, causing her to try to avoid talking with her mother if and at all possible. Still, she wasn't one to ignore the wishes of her parents and still tried to do the best that she can at school, which has certainly done good for her grades but not for her stress level, especially not with sports and extracurriculars piled on top. About the only thing that she looked forward to in school was being able to see her friends and relieve some of her stress, but with that gone, her stress would simply go to unmanageable levels...

I know fully well that this is REALLY rough idea and needs a ton of revision and fleshing out, but my plan is to do that later, as I want to do that as I actually submit an application and reread/rewrite/reformat the whole thing.
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