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Whilst it's still some way off, V5 is looming somewhere on the horizon. We've less than 100 characters left alive in V4 after we started with 276. That's quite something. I'd like to take a moment to extend a congratulations to everybody that participated and helped make version four so great.

Much as I don't want to take away from V4's rightfully deserved thunder, and of course I in no way want to diminish our focus on it, I thought that it would be high time for us to reopen that old favourite: A concepts thread. We've seen them talked about in the chat, we've seen the vaguest of hints in signatures. Treat this as a good old fashioned place to brainstorm ideas, bounce concepts off one another, and even construct rudimentary relationships.

Planning has to start somehwere, let's set the ball rolling, shall we?

Share your concepts, no matter how basic. Get input on your ideas from other members, request critique on your potential future characters.

One word of warning though: If it's never been done before, then there's probably a good reason for it. A quirk doesn't make a character. Think before you come in here raving about your voodoo practitioning transfer student hailing from Fiji who likes to wear a paper bag over his head, okay?
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