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Neill took the note eagerly back from Rachel, becoming more and more enthusiastic as everyone else became less so. He was already seeing the problems with his plan, the main one being that the collars regulated their pulse, and also that there were cameras on them all the time, any obvious sabotage would result in them getting blown up. He had no idea how that Liz girl had managed to do hers, whatever it was she had done, without them noticing and stopping her. Although... it had happened here, in these woods. Perhaps there was a weak spot, perhaps they weren't very well manned, he didn't know. But he did know that they probably wouldn't make the same mistake again. No, if they were gonig to do something, they needed to get out of camera view. Or... something needed to happen somewhere else, to distract them. Perhaps an explosion? Or a fire. If he could set fire to these woods, maybe in the few seconds that they were distracted by that, he could run off and disable his and Bobby's and Rachel's collars.

Only, first, he needed to figure out a way to do that.

His mind went back to the playing dead idea. They needed to appear dead but without actually becoming dead, naturally. If they could fit a small piece of metal between their necks and their collars, then maybe, just maybe, that would fool the system enough. But he didn't know how it worked. That was why he needed the bodies to test it on. Then he could figure out what they were going to do next.

Claudette smiled after the children, and after a pause, the vicar did too. Tension mounted between them, until, finally, he took a couple of steps forward and stroked her cheek gently with one finger. Brushing his hand away, she shook her head. Dead people don't explode when new danger zones are announced, do they? It was something that had been bothering him. One of the main influences behind his vague idea. It's like once we're dead the collars are inactivated. I don't know if it's automatic, or if they do it themselves, what I want to know is if they're permanently inactivated, or if they can still explode. Also, what have you got against my story? He wasn't sure why he was reiterating his plan to her, even though she'd essentially agreed to it.

As he was finishing, Rachel spoke. Neill had barely been aware of time passing, but now that she mentioned it, he'd been thinking for a while, and it took him a minute or two to write everything he needed to down. Tapping the pen against his chin nervously, Neill squinted into the woods in the direction Bobby had left, as though he might suddenly jump out flamboyantly.

"I- I don't know," Neill said, failing entirely to hide the anxiiousness from his voice. He'd now lost both the people he'd started out with, Ray could be anywhere by now and the only thing that was keeping him going from that incident was that he still had Bobby. Except he didn't, he had Bobby's ex-girlfriend (sort of) whom he was fairly conviced was a little bit crazy. Also, she'd killed someone, and didn't appear to show much remorse for it, another thing that scared Neill somewhat. He scribbled another couple of sentences down. "You'll like this bit," he said, grinning, trying to keep up his act for the cameras.

The key is in the simplicity. We're all trying to avoid death, so who would want to fake it? And that sounds like a good way to head, once Bobby comes back! He passed the note back to Rachel, folding it down securely.
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