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To watch Maria fade from life in front of his very eyes, this was something that breached many of Ivan's defenses. By now, neither he nor Tabi were a stranger to death. What he ended up doing to Keith still haunted him if he wasn't looking at the girl with him who could remove that pain. Similarly, Clio's last desparate attempts to cling to life as she bled out all over the road was not something that his memory could just toss away in the trash bin. Maria, though... she was different. She was never an enemy or even a threat, just a hanger-on that he was reluctant to take on in the first place. Especially potent, she was Tabi's friend, and she literally had just died in Tabi's arms.

There was nothing he could do. He couldn't have saved Maria at all, and was right in saying that she was doomed from the start. Why did he have to be right in saying that she was, though? Another girl was gone that he never really knew; by all rights, he should not have even cared. It should have been nothing more than one person out of their way towards getting as far as they both possibly could. Yet, as Maria now slept eternally before the both of them, Ivan closed his eyes and did something that he hadn't done in a long time. He began to pray for Maria and the safety of her soul, murmuring it the way his mother had taught him in Russian.

"Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend the souls of thy servants NN., and beseech thee to grant them rest in the place of thy rest, where all thy blessed Saints repose, and where the light of thy countenance shineth forever. And I beseech thee also to grant that our present lives may be godly, sober, and blameless, that, we too may be made worthy to enter into thy heavenly Kingdom with those we love but see no longer: for thou art the Resurrection, and the Life, and the Repose of thy departed servants, O Christ our God, and unto thee we ascribe glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen."

The words in his head were Russian, but in his heart the language made no difference. Near the end of his prayer, Ivan's hands gripped Tabi's shoulders in defiance of his timidness, both to comfort her and steady himself. Nothing could make the pain go away, and he understood that. As much as he hated this fact, Tabi would not smile again for a long time. A whisper of 'I'm sorry', or any other such condolences felt hollow and worthless, and so Ivan just pulled her close. His eyes kept off of Maria out of a mixture of both repsect for the dead and fear... fear that they soon might end up like her.
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