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"Hey Maria...It's me. It's Tabi."

. . . ?

"I'm taking you to the couch okay?"

. . .

Maria barely registered as Tabi guided her over to the couch. Next thing she knew she was staring up at the ceiling. It was so goddamn hot, and everything wouldn't stop hurting, but the hand on her forehead was nice. Small comforts, she guessed.

Hey, the ceiling wasn't that blurry before, right? And she was feeling really tired. It'd be nice if she could actually get some actual sleep. Take her mind off the fact that she fucked up royally, and now everyone was dead. Take her mind off of the fact that she was a useless human being that did nothing but beat up and get everyone killed.

Her breathing slowed, and her eyes grew half-lidded. For some reason, she felt some kind of finality behind it all. She felt like she should say something. like she wouldn't get another chance. But the words never came. Her thoughts were all muddled, blending together and becoming indistinguishable.

This was all just too much for her. She needed some rest. Maybe things things will be clearer later. Or not.

Maria closed her eyes.

And drifted off.



This house.

Lombardi stepped out into the open, submachine gun at the ready.

This house is where...

With the loud and repeated crack of the gun, Duncan fell over onto her, blood everywhere.

Then that means...

Maria's eyes snapped open and she forced herself into a sitting position, her body screaming at her to stop. But she couldn't.

That door. That door over there.

She got to her feet, her steps more like lurching. Just throwing herself in a direction and hoping one of her feet will be there to meet her. She hit the door audibly, hearing Tabi telling her to stop, even reaching out and trying to get her attention.

But that room...

She turned the knob and fell forward, tumbling into the room, her sudden surge of strength disappearing as quickly as it appeared. Reaching out, Maria picked herself up just enough for her to look up towards the bed.

"Welcome back."

There was Duncan, sitting on the bed and looking down at her, looking none worse the wear.

"Dun...can..." Maria's voice cracked, barely audible. Just as broken and pitiful as she was. The strength was draining quickly, and the urge to sleep persisted, offering a release from the horrid pain coming from the shoulder that was helping to prop her up.

"How's the escape plan going? Did you figure anything out?"


Maria's dulled eyes looked down at the floor. She couldn't even bring herself to look at him at the moment.

"I...I'm sorry...I didn't...find anything...and now everyone's dead...even you..." Despite what some may think, she wasn't stupid. She knew Duncan hadn't miraculously come to life, and this was just some hallucination or something. Maybe from all the pain. Maybe from the trauma. But whatever the case, Maria was batshit crazy and seeing things.

But she couldn't stop herself from talking to him like he was really there. Even a hallucination was welcome at this point.

"I...I'm so useless...I couldn't do anything..."


Duncan got up, walking over and kneeling down in front of her. He reached out, and brushed a hand through Maria's hair. It was like he was really there, right in front of her.

"Maria, it's okay. You did what you could, and that was all any of us could do."

"But...but I still couldn't..."

"Maria, don't worry. It's over."

Huh? What does he mean, it's over? She was still on the island, how could it be over?

"Maria, I want you to go to sleep, okay?" Duncan said. Sleep, that sounded like such a good idea right now you wouldn't even believe. "Just go to sleep. When you wake up we'll be out of here."


"That's right. You and me, and Cass and Max and Warren. They're all waiting for you."

Really? It was starting to sound so plausible, despite her rapidly fading better judgement.


Maria looked up at Duncan, only able to do so partway, as suddenly she was completely on the floor, unable to lift a finger.

She looked up.

And she smiled. An honest, sincere smile.

"That...that sounds nice..."

When was the last time she smiled a real, honest to God smile? Hell, she couldn't even remember. There was been so many fake ones as of late. Smiles that were just there to hide the pain and fear from everybody. It felt good to give a real one for once.

She could hear voices in the background. Hear someone frantically yelling to her. Voices trying to call her back. She could even feel someone trying to move her, but in her own mind she was still lying there, with Duncan still there, kneeling over her, reassuring her that everything was going to be okay.

...huh, that was odd. She was starting to lose feeling. In everything. But somehow she didn't really mind. At least the pain was going away, right?

God...she was so tired...

She could just close her eyes and sleep forever...

No more pain...

No more grief...

No more fire, or evil British people...

Maria started to close her eyes, and then it came to her. What she wanted to say.

Yeah...yeah, it sounded about right.


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