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Janet walked along, lost in thought. It was a familiar thing. She enjoyed taking long walks to clear her mind. Unfortunately, here, her mind only became more muddled as time passed. Actually, Jay's blathering helped her mind clear slightly. His off-key singing, however, did not help her mood. She lasted through it as they continued, and when he hit the peak point of the song, she was just about to snap at him when....

He stopped, staring slackjawed into the clearing they had just entered. She followed his gaze and saw two girls. Hayley Kelly, who had been on the announcements several times, and... some other girl. As they had their faces pressed together, Janet couldn't properly see who was who. She glanced at Jay, who was still staring slack jawed and letting out an astonished WHOA. She gently closed his mouth, then patted him on the cheek.

"It's impolite to stare, Jay."
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