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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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The embrace lasted no more than a minute, and yet it seemed to drag on into eternity, seconds lost their meaning and seemed to blend into hours. Maybe that was wishful thinking, Ema certainly wanted it to be so. If it never ended, if time around them continued to seem to pass by at a crawl, if nothing else in the world ever mattered, then she wouldn't have to be afraid any more. No running back and forth, evading their potential killers and becoming killers themselves. No more rationing their food and wondering if it's worth keeping watch at night. Just Hayley and her on the lip of that cliff, in each other's arms, happy. Thinking about it that way, from a third person perspective, it must look awfully picturesque.

Of course, that was more than wishful thinking, that was outright delusional. But delusion was really all Ema had left to cling to, with only one source of happiness still remaining in the real world. Reality was fucked up and terrifying. She didn't want to be in reality.

Reality didn't give her a choice.

Hayley pulled away. Her arms stayed fairly close around Ema's midriff, but it wasn't close enough. She looked... conflicted. Trying to say something, but not sure how, or perhaps even what. Trying to hold something back, too. Sadness? Anger? Tears? Could be anything, just about anything from the spectrum of human emotion could be justified by now, they'd probably seen enough to evoke about every response possible.


Tears, then. It still hadn't quite hit Ema herself, but she understood well enough that it must've hit Hayley like a freight train. Something to look forward to when I'm feeling less disconnected... Hayley closed her eyes. This couldn't have been easy. Ema thanked whatever providence there was that she still couldn't really comprehend much that had happened. People had died, she'd contributed one such death, and it meant something to her, certainly meant something... she just had no idea what.

"She...she'd be glad we're alive, yeah? Alive and...together."

It made sense. Ema nodded. Wondered at the tone, as to why it seemed so impersonal, when Maddy's name had been spoken as if on the verge of tears. But feeling - in her own words - disconnected as she was, she couldn't call attention to it in good faith.

"So, er...any destination in mind? I feel like we've spent the last week on one half of the island, there's all this...this stuff we haven't seen yet-"

Still empty, but now with that telltale sign of distress, speaking far too quickly, stumbling over words, rushing to say what she wanted to say. Trying to articulate after waking up to be told one of your closest friends has killed herself, after all, must not be the easiest thing in the world. Too busy was Ema with trying to figure out what Hayley was feeling, her prior desire to return to the pier she'd woken up on a week ago was entirely forgotten.

"I mean, er, anywhere you want to go? Anyone you want to...to..."

The sentence trailed off into awkward nothingness. Ema didn't have the heart to answer, only to stand there, looking awkwardly back into Hayley's eyes. Where was there to go that was of any real significance? Who was there to seek out, now that just about everyone Ema had been fond of in Minnesota had already died? Alex, perhaps? Ema hadn't known him terribly well, but it wouldn't be a stretch to call him a friend... but they hadn't the faintest idea where he was. So there was nothing. Just travelling where whim takes them, trying not to die, trying to rationalise killing anyone they saw and thought they could get away with killing. Some life...


Back to the subject of Madelyn, then. Not easy to talk about, like before, bu-- oh. Hayley was kissing her again. Ema didn't protest. It was nice, the last escape that was really left to them. Something innocent, human, enjoyable. Something that wasn't Survival of the Fittest. Ema tightened her arms' grip around the troubled girl, and kissed her back.
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Soon you will be nothing, you will never again hear sounds, never again see colours, never again be anyone.

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