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((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued from White Sparrows))

Tabi's sleep was poor and sporatic. She was back in the residential area, bringing back memories that she wished to never remember. Memories of Clio, holding her at gunpoint. Memories of pulled triggers...

If it wasn't the memories, it was the fact that her attempts to help Maria weren't helping. They cleaned her up in the infirmary and she tried her best to clean the wounds, but there were so many. Cuts. Bruises. Burn wounds. She didn't even know how to treat burn wounds. But she tried anyways.

Maria's moans and winces made it worse. There wasn't anything that Tabi could do to stop them. She could only be the crutch for her and lead her to safety, wherever that was. And knowing that hurt Tabi. Seeing Maria curled up in a ball in the corner of the room.

Ivan had remained mostly silent throughout this, he took her suggestions, and did not complain about there movement. Finally, when they did stop for the day, he was there. When Maria had gone to sleep in the room, she could cling close to him. When she woke up to Maria's moans, she dug her head into his chest. It acted as a firm pillow. It was better than anything he could have possibly said to her.

Morning came, and Tabi was again awake. Her stirring woke up Ivan but he said nothing. Instantly her attention was turned to their companion. She had dissapeared from her bedroom.

Tabi let out a wordless cry and her head turned back to the kitchen. Maria had moved her way over to the kitchen table, splayed across it's frame. A chair had been knocked onto it's side, remnants of Maria's move from her bed to her new resting place.

She shuffled over to her friend and placed a hand on her back. Maria now wore the yellow shirt that she had worn on day one. It was wrinkled from the folds in her bag, but it was much better than the dirty fishnet she had worn previously and Tabi was happy to give it to her.

Maria's eyes were vacant when Tabi looked at her face. She was squinting, as if Tabi had been some far off thing in the distance. It gave Tabi chills to look at her, but she couldn't show weakness in front of her. It was going to be all right.

"Hey Maria...It's me. It's Tabi."

Tabi's hands looped under Maria's belly and with some effort, Tabi was able to prop the injured girl against her. She smelled terrible, a mix of medicine, blood and sweat.

"I'm taking you to the couch okay?"

No answer.

Tabi's gaze turned to Ivan and her lips curled down. Tears were starting to well up. She wanted to ask him what to do now, but she couldn't make the words come out. He had objected to this plan, and now it was looking like he was right. Maria's health was fading fast and now she was left lost. She readjusted herself and brought her to the couch.

She slowly guided the two of them down to their seats, and propped Maria next to her. Her hand was on Maria's head, gently brushing in between the blue and black strands. She turned back to Ivan and stared into his face.


Tabi couldn't say anything more.
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