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This was gonna last forever. This had to last forever, because the alternative stung quite a bit, and not just literally. Except nothing ever lasts forever, least of all the things you wish would, and Hayley pulled back sooner than she'd like, her arms still wrapped around Ema but her face betraying her pain. She looked away from Ema for a moment, out and away, at the sky. Then back at Ema. Then back to the sky. Then back to Ema. I'm on a horse. She was going to do this, dammit. This staying strong thing. It was gonna be cool and awesome and she wasn't gonna cry like a little bitch at all, not that Ema seemed to really need a rock right now.

Unless she's pulling the same shit. Wish she wouldn't. If she cried I'd feel a hell of a lot better and holy shit that sounds bitchy.


"Maddy..." Hayley started simply, and even that, just that, made her shut her eyes. Take a deep breath. She was not gonna cry and repeating that like a fucking mantra in her head, over and over, not gonna cry, not gonna cry was not helping. She thought about other things instead. Like the weather, and how awful this fucking bread was, and how things were gonna be ok-no, not that, anything but that but frivolous, pointless things, like how sore her feet were and how she'd kill for some hiking boots right now. Shit like that. She disconnected her words and her thoughts.

"She...she'd be glad we're alive, yeah? Alive and...together." Hayley managed a smile at that, even, but her voice was hollow. Still thinking about fucking hiking boots. She changed the subject. "So, er...any destination in mind? I feel like we've spent the last week on one half of the island, there's all this...this stuff we haven't seen yet-" And now she was talking way too fast. "I mean, er, anywhere you want to go? Anyone you want to...to..."

She trailed off. Who was there but Maddy, honestly? Ema wasn't the most social person in the world, really, and Hayley had Alex, but what did Ema have, now? She had Hayley and Hayley was doing that thing where she was completely useless.


Fuck it. Fuck everything, she couldn't do this. She could see Maddy in her head, except her eyes were closed and they refused to open and she couldn't think about it anymore. Completely at a loss, she returned to her comfort zone. Pressed her lips to Ema's, yeah, that would solve everything for another couple of moments. Gotta last forever. Yet again.
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