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The knife hit the ground. Raidon, in spite of himself, relaxed: he'd been waiting for Julian to take him up on his offer, to come at him.

Was it what Raidon would have done, had their positions been reversed?

I wouldn't have stabbed him. But I'd have kept the knife.

"If I solved all my problems with violence, Julian," Raidon said tiredly, returning his eyes to Julian's face. "You'd be long dead by now." He made no move towards his fallen weapon: he was contemplating the other boy. The anger that had risen in him had gone flat: he didn't feel like breaking this boy with his rhetoric, he didn't feel like convincing him of anything. What the hell would be the god damn point?

Neither the time nor the luxury to be diplomatic.

He exhaled and lifted his right hand to his head, breaking his attempt at machismo as he massaged his temples. "What do you want from me, Julian?" he asked. "My guilt? My fear? Do you want me to be a coward?" He shrugged. "Fine, I'm a coward. I came here and I abandoned my friend and my ideals, and the only thing I have left is the vague notion of vengeance." He grimaced. "God knows I'm not better than her: I'm not even better than you." He shook his head. "I told you this two days ago, didn't I? I told you..."

All the energy went out of him, then--all interest in Julian Avery. "Survival's all that's left," he grunted, sitting down next to the tree once more and closing his eyes. "This is...this is just pointless."

This argument, devoid of meaning. His arm hurt, his finger hurt, his body hurt: he was tired, hungry, thirsty. He was losing Soryu, slowly but surely: he was travelling in the company of a man he simply couldn't trust. There was something safe, certain, or reliable here.

He'd made it so far on his brutality and on the weight of his certainty. Nothing had changed, except that the certainty had weighed on him--Soryu and Julian disagreed, and now...

On this island, everything is loss.
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