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((Apologies for the massive delay. Taking over Rachel from here on out))

Rachel watched Robert leave with a withering glare. Whatever business he had couldn't be that important that couldn't wait until the conversation was over. She contemplated asserting her opinion, but held off on account of keeping Neill and Robert placated. It had only been a day or so, and she was sure they hadn't totally warmed up to her just yet.

Taking the paper from Robert, she read over what Neill had written. She couldn't care less about the story he was writing, but she had to read through it anyway, in case he had nestled the important information in there. It wasn't a particularly good story, and Rachel had enough trouble trying to follow it when the prose gave way to Neill's suggestion. She looked up from the paper and raised an eyebrow at him.

She looked back at the paper and decided to mull it over for a moment. It wasn't that it was impossible. Well, even if it were impossible, that wasn't something that would stop the Lord if he smiled on her. It was more that it seemed like something the terrorists had already thought of. If it were an option, then there was a pretty good chance that somebody would have been able to pull it off in the past games, and that would've been something that even she would have heard about.

At least there were plenty of bodies for Neill to look at if he really wanted to. Rachel didn't want much to do with them, but she could remember where some of the more intact corpses and collars were. Taking her pen, she started writing her response in her patented neat cursive handwriting:

There should be some bodies in the little hut that's near the mansion. We can go that way if you want to look at collars. I'm not sure if this plan is good though. It sounds too simple. Maybe it should be more Rachel scrunched up her nose as she pondered the correct word choice for what she wanted. Something that would be unpredictable and would have a chance of gaining support among the remaining students.


The sheet was passed back to Neill, where he could possibly think up a new option. It was something she herself wasn't good at. One could organize a meeting and keep a club dancing to her rhythm, but bold and spontaneous was not something Rachel excelled at. Neill, on the other hand, seemed to have that quality. He could at least be useful like that. At least as useful as possible while she would still keep him around. The only reason they travelled together so far was because of Robert.

Speaking of Robert....

"Where's Robert been? It's been quite a few minutes now."

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