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((Janet Binachi continued from White Sparrows.))

For the first time in... several days, Janet found herself in a remarkably good mood. Maybe it was because she had not slept for about a day, and was currently at that point of tiredness where the world became much more amusing. If she had to diagnose herself, she would admit that her insomnia was probably stemming from a form of PTSD, although it was probably also a little guilt. And besides, if she slept, there would be no one to keep watch. During the times they weren't moving, Jay slept like a log.

She would never admit it, especially to Jay, but she kept seeing the faces of the boys she had killed. It was strange, because at first it hadn't seemed that bad. But as time went on, those small voices niggling at the back of her mind started to get louder, scratching at the hard shell she had tried to project to keep them out. She had, after all, betrayed her principles. On the first day. She would never admit it, but Jay.... He was better than she was. At least he had only ever used his weapon out of fear. At least he had never killed. He had stuck to his beliefs. And the worst thing was... she was trying to drag him off that pedestal.

'I'm trying to keep him alive.'
'Bullshit. You're trying to prove to yourself that you're not a failure for betraying your principles. You're trying to prove that it could happen to anyone. And the worst part is... it's not working.

Janet was startled out of her navel gazing by the screech of the sound system. Automatically, she tuned it out. She hadn't listened to any since the beginning. It would help keep her objective, keep her from getting upset if she heard names she knew.... Not that she had a lot of people she would really care about....

Instead, she watched Jay's body language. There was a moment he was so surprised, so scared, she looked around to see if there was something coming. But the moment passed, and then he looked like he felt like an idiot for a moment, then he stammered something entirely obvious. Although....

"I don't think we have to worry about player killers. There are targets with far more notoriety than me."

The announcements ended soon after, and Jay looked at a loss. He asked the question on his mind, what now?

Janet sniffed slightly. The wind was blowing from the south, and carried with it the smell of salt. Janet pulled out her map, examining it closely. "I think we're near the Southern Cliffs.... We should head toward them. Maybe find a way to the bottom of them."
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