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[Sorry this took so long, we're here now]

((Jay Holland continues from White Sparrows))

"Fuck this show. Danya, just- just suck my dick or something." Jay moaned, trudging forth through the forest.

It wasn't an eloquent statement, and it didn't have much meaning. But Jay wasn't a very eloquent person. Or had much of a meaning. He was a stoner, a wannabe drop out- he was tired and sweaty, he'd slept little and hadn't had a good meal in a very long while. His life had turned upside down, and he was plagued by maddening thoughts.

If I'd just smoked a little more weed- let my grades slip a little more, I wouldn't be in all this right now.

He didn't know if it was the correct usage, but the whole idea of dying for his high school diploma seemed fucking ironic. The trees were all a blur, and had been ever since they'd left David Meramac behind to die. There wasn't exactly much Jay could do about it, Janet would never tolerate them hauling some half dead kid around, and it was far to risky to grab him with so many people buzzing around. It was literally Survival of the Fittest to her, and it scared him just a little bit. Jay knew David would have died eventually, would HAVE to die if he was to ever see home again. But the whole situation still made him feel terrible.

It wasn't like the situation had ruined their partnership. Jay hadn't dared to bring it up since they'd departed. For the most part Janet seemed happy, and that was good. Her wound was looking better, at least to his untrained eye. Sometimes he even thought he could see a smile, cracking through her stern face and straightforward demeanor. It was then that he tried his hardest to be upbeat, to keep the jokes rolling, despite all his complaints.

Jay sighed, stopping and scanning the area. His pistol was still in his pocket, at the ready. He didn't want to kill anyone, but he couldn't run anymore. Janet would have him by the balls.

And it wasn't just that. If they were aiming for endgame now, he'd need to deserve it. That was what Janet was doing, and that was what he had to do too. He didn't exactly know what that entailed, but he knew that first and foremost, he couldn't run away anymore. He needed to man the fuck up, and take things seriously.

Okay, so, winners don't run. Okay cool, I can do that. Light jog, yeah, doesn't say nothing about that. Doesn't mean I HAVE to kill them, that's- yeah. Janet could. If. Yeah.

He grimaced at the thought. He didn't want to think about death any-

There was a loud squeal and Jay jumped back, looking up into the trees.

"Oh God fuckin-..."

"Good morning, kiddies."

Well shit. Announcement time, the worse time of the day. Twenty Nine in Twenty Four. It was really coming down to the wire now. There couldn't be that many kids left.

"JJ Sturn learned the hard way that shotguns trump words when he messed with Jimmy Brennan. His heroic last stand was one for the highlight reel, though, even if it proved entirely futile..."

"Oh that ginger bastard. Who the fuck gave that kid a shotgun? And how the fuckin' crap does he have the brains to pull the trigger? Shit... John had a shotgun. Maybe he got it after John...-"

"Janet Binachi returned to the scoreboards by beating in David Matson's head."

Jay froze, his mouth dropping open. His brain nearly broke in place. He spun to her, his mind in full panic mode.

It was impossible. He'd been with Janet ever since the fair. How had she killed David? Had he been hallucinating? Had Danya mispoke? Was he imagining things, or had she ran off in the night to finish the boy off? A million thoughts ran through his head in the span of a few brief minutes, and Jay was sure he was going insane-

Wait. Meramac. Matson.

Jay paused.

That kid that attacked us. HIS name was David. Different David...


Jay looked toward the ground, and felt that odd urge to hit himself again. Matson, Meramac. Two different David's but they both were as good as dead, killed directly and indirectly by Janet. Jay thought back to the horrible scene. Running forward, freaking out, crying for Janet to stop. The boy going for the gun, his brains splattered in the wet grass...

So his name was David.

"So... S-so we got two. People will probably be looking for us now." He stammered, unsure of what else to say.

The announcements droned on, announcing more dead. That girly boy Viv had gotten slaughtered, and Naoko Raidon had gained another kill. He wasn't certain, but he was pretty sure that was the fourth or fifth one.

Dustin was dead. Jay had never been close friends, but they'd run in the same social circle, and had been a friendly face at parties. Especially when dragging ladies upstairs. Jay had always been convinced he'd one day get Dustin's sloppy seconds- Now that he thought on it, he was rather glad that hadn't ever occurred. That crazy chick who had been blowing collars... Liz. She was dead. Strange, in that Danya didn't tell who the killers were. For some reason, that fact made him shudder.

Was there something worse lurking around the island? Like, a bear or something maybe?

Sierra Manning was dead- but it wasn't the name that struck him- but more so the manner of death. Friends killing friends. Shit. He gulped hard, purposefully avoiding a glance at Janet. He didn't want any one of them getting any ideas. The announcement ended soon after, and the pair were left where they'd started.

"Shit... So, where too now?" He asked, looking at his companion.
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