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The pain was starting to fade but the memory of it was still sharp in his mind.

The contents of his bag lay scattered around him, probably flung out during the fall. The pistol lay there next to him. He hadn’t packed his cards back into his bag properly and they too were strewn across the ground.

"I'm sorry... Just stop the pain." Adrian tried to compose himself but found it impossible. Thinking over the past eighteen years of his life, he sadly realized that this was the end.

All that he did in his life, gone, taken away from him. All his practice in dance, all the years of fortune telling, all wiped away.
Adrian took a breath and said, "Kill me."

She just looked at him in shock, "What?"

"Just kill me! Please, don't leave me lying here." Taking a look at one of the cards on the ground, he almost laughed, as it was Death staring back at him. "I'd rather die a quick death."

Though Sam seemed to have agreed with him, she seemed hesitant in picking up the pistol.

But in the end, she flicked the safety off and pointed it at him. She held it there for a few uneasy seconds . But at last the gun was fired and Sam could have sworn she had heard him say thanks as she pulled the trigger.

There was a loud bang.

And thus Adrian was gone, his body lying limp on the hillside.

Death continued to lie there, covered in his blood.

"I have the heart of a young boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk" -- Stephen King

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