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How cute.
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[Boy #14 - Alex White. Continued from The Lesson Today is How To Die.

Thread started with permission from the mods.]

Alex was hungry.

That's why he was here. He was hungry. He was hungry and tired and absolutely sick of bread and crackers with water every day. He'd run out of luck when it came to finding food out in the woods, so he was trying his luck in town this time. It had taken him a while to get here, sure, but what was a few hours out here? He'd have plenty of time to find Allen when he had a decent meal in his stomach and maybe even a good night's rest in one of the houses in this part of town. First things first, he was looking for dinner. Lunch. Breakfast. Whatever meal it would end up, he wanted to find food. Even if it was a can of Vienna sausages or spam, it would be better than anything he'd had since he'd woken up on this island.

He wasn't having much luck anywhere, it seemed.

He figured he would at least have some luck here. It was a grocery store after all. He thought finding food here would be easy. Just pop in, grab some food, and pop back out. Simple as that. Unfortunately, it didn't look like it was going to be that easy or that simple. Even here, it was slim pickings. But he had plenty of time to keep looking, sifting through everything in the store, going up and down the aisles. He had plenty of time. Time to search. Time to think. Time to wonder, and worry. Time to regret.

"What's done is done. No use crying over it."

Right... right. No use getting upset over it. He couldn't change what he has done. No one could. That's just the way it was. There was no point in sitting there and sulking. When it came down to it, Alex knew he would have to do it all over again. When he found the people he was looking for, he would have to do it all again. The fighting. The struggling. The killing. No one was left to protect or worry about. No one was left to confide in or trust. They were all dead, dying, or killing, and Alex joined them. It was who he was now, but he wasn't doing it just for the sake of doing it. He wasn't doing it just to follow his friends. No, he made a promise to survive this thing, and he would survive for as long as he could. This was, after all, his game.

He would keep hunting.

His hunt for food would continue as well. It was dark in here without any lights, but he got by with a flashlight. Searching the aisles in the dark. Looking for food, water, supplies. Looking for anything he could use. Hoping no one else had come to take it all yet. Hoping no one else would come along while he was there. Thinking back on Andrea. On Will and Rena. The entire time, thinking and worrying and wondering what he was going to do with Allen when he found him. Remembering how he reacted when he found Andrea, how to treated her, how angry he was. How everything he did was done just to get what he wanted, and it was so close now. Just find Allen and he would have it all. Just find those pills and things would be better. He could think. He could act. He could stay alert and push himself beyond his limits.

He could focus on the game, and win. Just find those pills.

Up and down the aisles, Alex searched.

In the dark, alone... but for how long?
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