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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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[Would wait, but it's been 14 days, so...]

"In the seaside town, that they forgot to bomb..."

Ema continued to walk forwards, finally finding herself at the low chain fence, a rather shoddy means of preventing people from falling. Salt on the air and years of neglect had left the barrier in a sorry state, sagging limply in the middle and making an unpleasant grating sound whenever the wind took it particularly strongly. Not far along it, no more than a few hundred meters at most, lay a large boy in an even sorrier state. Further along, more inland, was yet another, his neck gruesomely blown apart, barely still anchoring his lifeless head. The reminder of mortality wasn't pleasant, but it was, in a way, rather a welcome one. It woke Ema up, made her pat down her pockets to ensure she was still armed, got her properly alert again. So she thought.

"...come, come, come, nuclear bomb. Everyday is li--"

"Heh...girly, keep singing like that and the kids back home are going to think you're some little emo kid. And then I can't talk to you. Ruin my rep, you know?"

Ema whirled around, grabbing frantically for the handgun in her inside pocket, only to release the air she'd rapidly taken in in a short sigh of relief. Just Hayley. More awake than she'd thought. Less alert than she'd thought herself to be. Even less so when she couldn't do a thing to react to arms wrapping themselves around her, though soon enough, she didn't want to. She was embraced, and embraced Hayley back. Their lips met. And she felt good again, the feeling she'd come to live for, only a few months ago, and good God was it nice to have back again. To have her Hayley back.

Hers. All hers.
Every time you fall asleep you die. Someone else wakes up in your body, thinking they're you.
You are alone and trapped in your own mind, the world around you is your lie.
Soon you will be nothing, you will never again hear sounds, never again see colours, never again be anyone.

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