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it was a graveyard smash
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These boys were pretty weird. Fiona figured that weird boys were considerably better than homicidal boys, but they were weird, nonetheless. She sort of figured that she would eventually run into a nice group of people who mostly kept to themselves, and at the first sight of Fiona, they would run the other way. They would want nothing to do with her axe-wielding, blood-covered nonsense. And if she didn't run into a nice group of people, she would run into some crazy... homicidal freak. This would lead to some to-the-death fight that would end with Fiona dead (she doubted she could fight off any sort of big-shot killer, even with her axe and gun), but at least she got a cool fight out of it all? A final ka-bang?

Except none of that was happening, and she found herself neither in a cool middle or immediate death, but rather... Two boys entangled with the terrorists who apparently kidnapped them? How in the world had they managed to do something like that? It was interesting. Fiona wouldn't have guessed in a thousand years that she would have gotten involved in something like this, but this sure beat searching for her fellow cheerleaders (what few remained) and joining them. This was... This actually sounded kind of badass!

Garrett was explaining the deal with being pursued by terrorists because he and a group of others were trying to break things in the tunnel. Fiona's eyes didn't falter from their wide expression, and she only blinked a few times during his entire explanation. "Intense," she said simply, twirling a green-dyed dread around her finger. Intense and brave, Fiona wanted to admit, but she didn't want to come off as too cheesy or heart-throbby. "Oh, Garrett, you're so brave and cool. Breaking shit in the tunnel with no regard towards your own life, how selfless!" Except maybe he wasn't that brave, as he ran away... But who the hell wouldn't when a group of people with guns were sicked upon you like a horde of vicious dogs?

Fiona remained silent at Garrett's proposition, his plan to stir things up and save everybody. Really, how the hell had Fiona managed to get herself into this situation? Just days ago, she was by Nik's side and people were dying left and right, and she was the unlucky one amidst it all. And now? Now she might be able to save people. Or... you know, get herself killed, but she sort of had a chance of redemption here. She could do something instead of kill people under the guise of useless excuses.

Her only responses were her trademark toothy grin, a simple shrug, and a cheery voice saying, "Okay, I guess I could try. There's no harm in trying, right? Well, if I mess something up, I may indirectly harm other people, so I guess there is harm in trying, but... I'll try anyway. It's not like I have any other pressing matters in my agenda." "And it's not like I could bare to wander the island alone until I die."

She turned and gave another similar grin to Jeremy. "It's all good, I'll give 100%. If I could give 110%, I could do that too." She paused and rubbed the underside of her chin with her hand, as if she were stroking an invisible beard. "So, you guys have a plan? If so, should we really be talking about it out loud like this? That Danya-dude can probably hear everything we're saying, right...? I just- if we're going to, um, fuck certain people over, perhaps we should be a little cautious about it? We don't want to be too reckless, you know? Organization is key!"
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