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Eiko didn't need to be told twice. She clutched her bag and weapon and ran as fast as she could, as far as she could. Her sight grew blurrier by the second, making her blink tears away. Once she felt satisfied that she'd gotten far enough away from Hartmann, she stopped, leaning against the wall of a nearby house. Sorrow overtook her, and she eventually found herself curled up on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.

She'd felt raped. There were no other words for it, not that she could think of. Every last measure of dignity, independence, or skill she'd possessed while in high school had been stolen away from her, and she'd changed too much to ever get them back again. Even if she lived, if by some miracle rescue occurred or she became the last, she'd always have nightmares of that voice on the speaker.
Of Miller's glassy eyes and vapid smile.
Of Peter slicing open Lupradio's neck and collapsing in a fit of laughter.
Of Harris shooting Tiffany in the back and killing her.
Of Brooks punching her in the face and throwing ethnic slurs at her.
Of Peter abandoning her while she slept, assuming that she could get along just fine without him.
Of her one last chance for protection snatched away by a lunatic.

Rage boiled in Eiko once again, made her slam the bottom of her fist against the wall of that outside house. She got up and grabbed her useless fucking weapon again, slamming it into the wall and hearing the sound of crunching wood. Over and over she slammed the end of her weapon into the wall, feeling the force of each impact vibrate through her bones, threatening to rip her muscles from their tendons.

The wall held firm, of course, the only damage being vicious but ultimately harmless scratches from the barbed prongs on the head of the weapon. Eiko continued smashing that same spot, the fatigue adding longer and longer pauses between swings, until she heard a very different kind of crunch, and the weapon came apart in her hands. The wooden shaft had practically split open; Eiko had caused a very messy break that extended down at least two feet through the shaft.

She finally loosed her grip on the shaft, letting it fall apart, the top half hanging onto the bottom half by a thread. The sight of what she'd done to her weapon made her burst into tears again. Now that it was gone, she suddenly missed it, remembered the excitement she felt when she took it from Lupradio's body. She didn't have the energy to do anything anymore, didn't know what to do. Sleep overtook her then; her last waking thought being that being shot in her sleep would be the best thing that could ever happen to her.

When the sun rose the next day, no trace remained of Eiko, only the splintered remains of her old weapon.

((Eiko Haraguchi continued in A Slight Change of Plans))
((The End))
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