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"He-hello? This is umm... Maddy. Smith. Umm.... C-can I come in?"

Maddy Smith. As he got up and collected himself, Simon racked his brains for about a minute trying to figure out who that was, at which he remembered where it came from:

"... Next to go down was the one and the only Jonathan Jarocki, who somehow got it into his head that running around and yelling and firing his gun like some kind of cowboy was a good idea. Miss Madeleine Smith proved exactly why that was not the case." It explained why it took Simon so long to remember - that was Madeline's only kill, way back on either the first or the second day. That probably meant that she wasn't killing people on sight - one kill over eight days in this situation, especially when the kill was early on.

Simon picked up the tire iron and held it in his right hand as he adjusted his bags with his left and walked toward the door to notice the short girl and her gun.

Whoa. Okay, almost definitely not killing on sight. This was simply wishful thinking on Simon's part, as if it turned out that Maddy, as she called herself, decided to start shooting, he would almost certainly die, giving the large, mean-looking gun she was holding.

Don't piss her off. She won't attack you if you don't piss her off.

"Yeah. Go ahead. Only wish I could have been here for the party."
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