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Charlene closed her eyes and relaxed herself as she lay on her back. The warmth of the sun felt nice as she removed her shoes and socks with her feet, allowing her to feel the sand between her toes.

"You know after we're done here, we should go find some fresh water. I could really use a bath. Well, at least getting some of this dirt off of me." Charlie smiled at Thea's suggestion of a bath. Who knew how many diseases they could contract by being on this island?

"There's a whole ocean out there. Heck, if we swim far enough it won't even matter what we look like any more!" A pause, as Acacia thought about what she had said. "Sorry, that was uncalled for."

"Don't worry about it. I'm not going in there, anyway. Water's too cold, and whatever's in there would probably make us even dirtier." Charlie wasn't as offended by Acacia's joke as she should have been. Maybe it was the killing that had made them more cynical, or maybe it was that itch on her left leg. It just wouldn't go away, no matter how much she scratched at it. She sat up, finally looking at the irritation, to finally notice the dressing. She'd forgotten about it, but now she remembered how she'd nearly been shot by Jonathan way back when she first woke up in this stupid game.

Charlie reached for the tape, unwrapping it as she noted the hair growing on her legs - she needed a shave badly. She removed the dressing as she looked at what the gunshot wound had become - it had actually healed pretty nicely, transforming into a reddish, brownish scab that jutted out about an eighth of an inch from her leg. She poked the scab, and then ran her finger along the length of it. The last time someone had touched it, it hurt like hell. Now, her leg felt fine, and her fingers simply registered a roughness, coming from the dozens of little pits and canyons and such that had formed in the scab.

Charlie looked over at the other two girls, looking themselves over in mirrors they had packed. She was about to do something along the same lines when she noticed the girl, just, standing there. She squinted at the newcomer to get a better look, but Charlene couldn't make out anything definite about her or her intentions, except that she seemed to be dragging something along. She patted Thea's shoulder and pointed in the direction of the girl.

"There's someone here. I can't make her out. Looks a little weird, but I don't know if she's sizing us up."
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