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((Mary-Ann Warren continued from Waves of Devotion))

Mary-Ann had been walking aimlessly following the path of the beach. Her feet sloshed lazily through the sand and her rifle dragged behind her, leaving a line in the beach where she had been. It was so heavy, too heavy to keep lugging around upright. But more than that it was as if she didn't care.

She felt so numb. She felt like the physical embodiment of black and white static on a malfunctioning television set. Crackling and droning and comforting in it's blank surface and hissing.

Her eyes were half lidded as she trudged dutifully down the beach. So many people had died, but she only cared about the one.

It had been a long time since she'd seen other people, but when she came upon the three girls, they didn't alarm her for some reason. She looked up. Two of them were getting pretty in compact mirrors.

She didn't speak. Just stood with her lips slightly parted and her red, puffy eyes fixed.
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